10% my child

Nico is a 26-year- old misfit. When 8-year-old spunky Franny finds him in her mother’s bed, their relationship kicks off to a bad start. While Nico tries to establish a relationship with Franny’s mother, Franny becomes stuck between her mother, her jealous father, and Nico, now appointed babysitter. Will Nico manage to win Franny’s heart, and be able to build a relationship with Franny’s mom? How do these two characters find their common ground in the bustling heart of the city of Tel -Aviv? During this wonderful journey, Nico and Franny will learn to love and hate each other, mostly in the same frame.

The winner of The Best Fringe Award and nominated for Best Israeli Film Ophir 2015 Award.

View the film directly at Vimeo VOD, on the Yes Israeli movie channel, Hot VOD, or Cellcom TV.


Actors: Udi Persi, Yali Friedman, Vered Feldman, Gur Bentwich, Uri Klauzner, Idan Alterman, Irit Gidron, Efrat Ben-Yaakov, Gabriela Börschmann

Executive producers: Evi Tabachi, Yaniv Tuvia.

Produced by: Uri Bar-On, Nava Levin, Shalom Goodman, Kobi Zaig-Mendez, Eden Tzuli

Cinematography by: Kobi Zaig-Mendez, Daniel Kedem 

Associate Producer: Yoni Man

Original music: Nicole Mercedes, Roy Erez

Sound design: Nin Hazan

Animation and After Effects: Sivan Fiterman

Writer and Director: Uri Bar-on

Funding: Utopia,  Israeli film fund, The Israeli National Lottery Fund (Mifal HaPayis), Abulafiya

Copyright Uri Bar On 2018 / All Rights Reserved