10% my child

Nico is a 26-year- old misfit. When 8-year-old spunky Franny finds him in her mother’s bed, their relationship kicks off to a bad start. While Nico tries to establish a relationship with Franny’s mother, Franny becomes stuck between her mother, her jealous father, and Nico, now appointed babysitter. Will Nico manage to win Franny’s heart, and be able to build a relationship with Franny’s mom? How do these two characters find their common ground in the bustling heart of the city of Tel -Aviv? During this wonderful journey, Nico and Franny will learn to love and hate each other, mostly in the same frame.

King Lati the First

Aziz Diouf Lati’s father arrived in Israel from Senegal as a migrant worker seventeen years ago. Irena, Lati’s mother made Aliya to Israel from Belarus fifteen years ago. Eight-year-old Lati is a just another western Israeli teenager, He loves McDonald’s, a fan of the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team, and speaks Hebrew exclusively. One afternoon Lati’s life changes dramatically when his father tells him that he is a decedent of a long-ruling Senegalese royal dynasty. The father dreams one day his boy will rule the Serer tribe, counting over a million people. Aziz encourages Lati to take on his role as a tribal king in order to “save the tribe and lead the people back to greatness”.


On August 18th, Prime minister Ariel Sharon Announced the formation of The Administration of Border Crossings, Population and Immigration, or “The deportation police” as they are known in the migrant worker community. The Administration’s function is reducing the number of illegalmigrants in Israel. The Administration has a huge 170 Million NIS budget, 437 police officers, and 90 civilian plain vehicles, referred by the workers as “Fifty-two Fifty”, a number shown on their number plates. Activists with cameras followed the deportation policemen, in an attempt to reduce the violence used against the migrants. The film examines the many elements of this organization: The actions of the Policemen and their attitude toward the workers, the reactions of passersby and, of course, the human story behind the foreign faces.

A Different Love Song

“Heavy and tired with a woman on a balcony:
‘Stay with me’. Roads die as well
as people do; either quietly or suddenly they break

stay with me. I want to be you…”

The Afternoon routine of a very loving elderly couple in their late 70’s. A love story, but of different sorts, unlike anything usually depicted on screen.
A short fiction film, a cinematic adaptation of Yehuda Amichai’s poem “A different Love Song”.
Winner of the “Best Short Film” award at Marbella festival, Spain.
Shown at LA, Miami, Girona, Bolenzo, Warsaw, Haifa, and Ashdod Film Festivals among others.
Produced as part of “A Sonnet for Yehuda”, a special tribute project including 14 film adaptations of Yehuda Amichai poems.

The missing scene

if you could rewrite the script that is your life, what scene would you add or change?

All of us has moments in which we think: “if only I could go back in time everything would be different”.

This web-series allows the heroes of each episode to direct on their own their missing scene with the actual people involved, as they imagine it, and bring any issue which is still unresolved to a conclusion.

A Kiss Is a Kiss

Boaz has never kissed a man before. Neither did Gaddy. Gali has a problem Kissing Arabs, while Ibrahim thinks that kissing Gali means giving up the hope for the Palestinian nation. Yehudit is reluctant because she fears the kiss will repulse Maor, and Maor thinks it’s just weird to kiss a 72-year-oldgirl. That is exactly why I asked all of them to do just that.

A short documentary film, produced as part of the “I Have a Dream” project, including shorts by 14 directors on the subject of their dreams.

72 virgins

Everything around seems confusing and we believe everything. On one hand, in light of so much of hatred and apathetic leaders, there’s a feeling I can do nothing to change the situation. On the other hand, I’m willing to go to any length to attain peace and to stop this madness, thing that might border the absurd. 

Who’ll join me? A sexy comical political documentary satire.

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