King Lati the First 

Aziz Diouf Lati’s father arrived in Israel from Senegal as a migrant worker seventeen years ago. Irena, Lati’s mother made Aliya to Israel from Belarus fifteen years ago. Eight-year-old Lati is a just another western Israeli teenager, He loves McDonald’s, a fan of the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team, and speaks Hebrew exclusively. One afternoon Lati’s life changes dramatically when his father tells him that he is a decedent of a long-ruling Senegalese royal dynasty. The father dreams one day his boy will rule the Serer tribe, counting over a million people. Aziz encourages Lati to take on his role as a tribal king in order to “save the tribe and lead the people back to greatness”.


Production: Kobi Zaig and  Uri Bar-on.

Cinematographer and Co-creator: Kobi Zaig

Editor: Lavi Ben Gal
Sound Editor: Aviv Aldema

Original score: Ophir Leibovitch

Scriptwriter and Director: Uri Bar-on

Funding: Sharon Amrani fund, Channel 2 Authority, Gesher fund, Mark Rich foundation, Makor fund.

Copyright Uri Bar On 2018 / All Rights Reserved