A lecturer in Hebrew and English at the interdisciplinary Education Center in Herzliya (Israel most successful private university).
A lecturer at Minshar School for the arts – Cinema Department.



Scriptwriting, Directing, Documentary Cinema – History and directing workshop, Web-Series workshop, TV reportage, Israeli Cinema.


Institutions, organizations, and companies:

Lectures with screenings of my films in Israel and abroad as part of Sal Tarbut – a national arts Education enrichment program, Israeli Culture, Senior Assisted Living, and other programs, both in Hebrew and English to adults and teenagers.


Main Subjects:

series of lectures on contemporary Israeli cinema.

Later relationships and “step parents”, with a screening of “10% my child

How to make a wish come true with Indie films, with a screening of “10% my child

Video Activism, with a screening of “52-50

Israel’s backyard and the handling of migrant workers, with a screening of “King Lati the First

Fantasy and reality in documentary cinema, with a screening of “King Lati the First

The Camera as a tool for closure, with a screening of the “missing scene”.


As well, other lectures may be designed to suit various target audiences.


Kipod is an association created for the encouragement and promotion of Israeli cinema. Its aim is to make Israeli cinema accessible to broad audiences and create a social rather than commercial environment, seated on couches and having beers with filmmakers and the public audience. Within this framework, we also initiate lectures and meetings with filmmakers in pubs, cinematheques, community centers, among others hosted by Uri Bar-on or other association members.

Writing Exams

Since 2010

An examination official on behalf of the Isreal Ministry of Economics’ Technology Department for an academic degree in Cinema. At this capacity, I have examined students in Sapir College, Tel-Hai College, Ariel College, Baqa al-Gharbyye College, and Camera Obscura Art School.


Since 2014

Examination writer for students of official engineer and technician degrees. The exams are written by a committee selected each year by the Center of Educational Technology for the Israel Ministry of Education.

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