Living in a Film, season 3

Gilad Emilio Shankar interviews Screenwriter and Director Uri Bar-on about his films – 10% my Child, King Lati the First and Another Love Song.


Broadcasted on the National Educational Channel, December 2017.

Interview “Ha’hamim Ba’laila”

Nati Ravitz in a conversation with director Uri Bar-on.


Broadcasted on channel 20.

10% My Child

News, Channel 2 – Zion Nanus reports on the film.

A conversation with Nati Ravitz on the talk show “Ha’hamin Ba’laila”.

YNET news-site interview with Udi Persi, the film’s leading actor.

Offer Matan, Maariv newspaper article on the film set.

Nahum Mochiach interviews Uri Bar-On for Ha’bama site.

Smadar Ha’shiloni interviews Uri Bar-on about the financial aspect of independent filmmaking on Ha’calcalist Newspaper.

Interview with Uri Bar-on in “Achbar Ha’ir”

Ynet’s Amir Bogan talks with Uri Bar-on behind the scenes of the film set.

Ynet’s Amir Bogan talks with Director Uri Bar-on, and film stars Yali Friedmann, and Udi Persi behind the scenes of the film set.

Review by Naomi Huberman, Saloona site.

Article about the film in YNET’s Yachasim (relations) section.

Mako article by Michal East Alon

Add in IDB for crowdfunding for the film’s distribution.

Interview in English with Uri Bar-on in on channel 24.

Midnight East – a Film review by Ayelet Dekel)

Film review at the Santa Barbara Film Festival

An article in Walla news-site before the screening

Film review by Anat Perry

Interview with Uri Bar-on on USA News

“The periodic table” feature in Yediot Aharonot Newspaper on set

Film review by Anat Bar-Lev, La’isha Magazine

Interview with Udi Persi in “Pnai Plus” Magazine

Film review by Keren Zohar, Hashikma Newspaper

Film review by Uri Klein, Ha’aretz Newspaper July 13th, 2015

Film review by Shmulik Duvdevani, Ha’aretz Newspaper July 15th, 2015

Film review by Meir Schnitzer, Maariv Newspaper July 20th, 2015

Film review by offer Liberal, Srita July 9th, 2015

Film review by Yael Shuv, Time-Out July 20th, 2015

Film review by Eitan Weitz “Kolnoa Berosh Tzalul” July 8th, 2015

Film review by Lior Elephant, Hamevakrot site

Interview with Uri Bar-on by Daniel Shirin, “Achabr Ha’ir” July 10th, 2015

A Kiss is a Kiss

Nana site – Review by Moran Shrir

Ha’aretz – Review by Goel Pinto after screening at Jerusalem Festival

Ha’aretz – Article by Ruta Kupfer before TV broadcast

Maariv – Interview

Ha’aretz – Review by Asaf Geffen

Jewish Week – Review following NY screening



Ha’aretz – Article by Nata Alexander

Cinemascope – Article By Yair Rave

Midnight East – Article in English

Tzomet Sharon – Kipod at the Herzliya Cinematheque – “People Who Are Not Me”

Tzomet Sharon – Kipod at the Herzliya Cinematheque – “Guests for a Moment”



“Treated By Uri Bar-on” – Noit Geva speaking at an academic convention at the Open University.

Ace, “Koach Ha’yachatz” – Article about a film that wasn’t made.

TimeOut – Article about a project for “One Vote” movement

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