TV work as a director

“The Best of All”  season 2, VTR
Staring Dudu Erez, Rossana Rodinga, Avri Gilad and others.

Links for viewing:

Family Notified


A project for Yom Hazikaron 

(Israel National Memorial Day).

 Other TV projects:


Giborim Mekomyim (Local Heroes) Hosted by Meni Pe’er– Keshet , Israel channel 2

Mis’hak mahoor (Fixed Game) – Reshet, Israel channel 2 – VTR Directing

Madrich le’hitahavut (A Guide to Falling in Love) – Satellite Broadcasting

Children’s choice Special – cable Children channel

TV work as a screenwriter

Metim Le’Rega (Dead for a moment)

Ha’alufa (The champion)

Commercial work – writing, directing, and production

Commercial for ANVU

Israeli Museum of Cinema

Other projects:

Films for the “Yad Vashem” Institute for Holocaust commemoration – Script, directing, and production

One out of Nine – Script and Directing

Philip Morris International – Script and Directing

Osem Company – Directing

Taglit Project – Directing

Microsoft – Script and Directing

El AL – Script and Directing

Ha’aretz Newspaper – Script, Directing, and Production

HOT – Behind the scenes of a commercial – Script and Directing

The Biluyim Museum, Gedera  – Script

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