On August 18th, Prime minister Ariel Sharon Announced the formation of The Administration of Border Crossings, Population and Immigration, or “The deportation police” as they are known in the migrant worker community. The Administration’s function is reducing the number of illegalmigrants in Israel. The Administration has a huge 170 Million NIS budget, 437 police officers, and 90 civilian plain vehicles, referred by the workers as “Fifty-two Fifty”, a number shown on their number plates. Activists with cameras followed the deportation policemen, in an attempt to reduce the violence used against the migrants. The film examines the many elements of this organization: The actions of the Policemen and their attitude toward the workers, the reactions of passersby and, of course, the human story behind the foreign faces.


Production: Alma production -Arik Bernstein and Uri Bar-on.

Cinematographer: Kobi Zaig

Editor: Sharon Elovik
Music Editor: Aviv Aldema

Title Song: Gotel Botel Group

Research: Aziz Dayuff and Idit Avrahami

Scriptwriter and director: Uri Bar-on

Funding: The new Israeli film and TV fund, Keshet channel 2

Copyright Uri Bar On 2018 / All Rights Reserved